Workshop Venue:

The workshop will be held at the School of Public Health of the University of São Paulo.

School of Public Health Library
Room 12 (2nd floor of the Library Building)

Hotel Accommodation:

Accommodation for the participants will be provided at the Comfort Suites Oscar Freire Hotel .


Below you can find the location of the venue and the hotel.

Practical Information

Public Transport

The nearest Metro stop is Clinicas on the green line (Line 2), which is 600 m from the hotel. Additionally, there are a large number of bus lines in the vicinity.

Metro and bus tickets cost R$3.8 Reais (approximately $1-1.5) and can be purchased at the metro stations individually or by getting a Transport card (bilhete unico) that can be used for both metro and bus. Bus fares can also be paid directly inside the bus. Make sure to have some change.

For more information, please refer to :

Transportation from the Airport

1. Taxi

For safety reasons we strongly advise you to use licensed taxi services offered at Guarulhos Airport. At the taxi stand you should be able to request your destination and pay before boarding the taxi. It should cost you approximately R$ 150 Reais.

2. 99 Taxi or Uber

There are two large ride-hailing apps that are commonly used in São Paulo: 99 Taxi and Uber.
99 is a local competitor that you may not be familiar with, so we want to highlight that it allows you to pay the driver directly, if you do not have a credit card.
Additionally, while Guarulhos Airport has free wifi, it is not great so you might have problems connecting.

3. Airport Bus Service

There is a bus departing every half hour going towards the city center (Praça da Republica) where you can catch the Metro. Cheaper than the Taxi, but takes longer
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