Peer-Reviewed Publications


Determinants of black carbon, particle mass and number concentrations in London transport microenvironments

Ioar Rivas, Prashant Kumar, Alex Hagen-Zanker, Maria de Fatima Andrade, Anne Dorothee Slovic, John P. Pritchard, Karst T. Geurs
Atmospheric Environment, 161 (2017), pp. 247-262

Exposure to air pollutants during commuting in London: Are there inequalities among different socio-economic groups?

Ioar Rivas, Prashant Kumar, Alex Hagen-Zanker
Environment International, 101 (2017), pp. 143-157

Air quality in the megacity of São Paulo: Evolution over the last 30 years and future perspectives. (Review)

Maria de Fatima Andrade, Prashant Kumar, Edmilson Dias de Freitas, Rita Yuri Ynoue, Jorge Martins, Leila D. Martins, Thiago Nogueira, Pedro Perez-Martinez, Regina Maura de Miranda, Taciana Albuquerque, Fabio Luiz Teixeira Gonçalves, Beatriz Oyama, Yang Zhang
Atmospheric Environment, 159 (2017), pp. 66-82

Potential impacts of bike-and-ride on job accessibility and spatial equity in São Paulo

John P. Pritchard, Diego Bogado Tomasiello, Mariana Giannotti, Karst Geurs
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 121 (2019), pp. 386-400

An international comparison of equity in accessibility to jobs: London, São Paulo and the Randstad

John P. Pritchard, Diego Bogado Tomasiello, Mariana Giannotti, Karst Geurs
Transport Findings, 1 (2019), pp. 1-12

Impact of route choice and period of the day on cyclists' exposure to black carbon in London, Rotterdam and São Paulo

Veronika Sassen Brand, Prashant Kumar , Aline Santos Damascena, John P. Pritchard, Karst Geurs, Maria de Fatima Andrade
Journal of Transport Geography, 76 (2019), pp. 153-165

Equity Analysis of dynamic bike-and-ride accessibility in the Netherlands. (Invited Book Chapter)

John P. Pritchard, Marcin Stepniak, Karst Geurs
In K. Lucas & K. Martens with F. Di Ciommo & A. Dupont-Kieffer (Eds.), Measuring Transport Equity. Elsevier.

The long road to achieving equity: Job accessibility restrictions and overlapping inequalities in the city of São Paulo. (Critical Review)

Anne Dorothée Slovic, Diego Tomasiello, Mariana Giannotti, Maria de Fatima Andrade, Adelaide Nardocci
Journal of Transport Geography, 78 (2019), pp. 181-192