Alex Hagen-Zanker

Dr. Alex Hagen-Zanker


Alex Hagen-Zanker is expert in the quantitative analysis and simulation modelling of land use, transport and activities. Understanding the patterns of human activities, and the associated demand for infrastructure and the use of scarce resources such as land, energy and water, is crucial for efficient planning and investment. The processes of urban growth are of great interest, especially in the light of rapid global urbanization, but also in the context of environmental and demographic change. Much of current research focuses on the interdependencies between urban systems, in particular the tight relationship between land use, building stock and transport.

He has an MSc in Civil Engineering and a PhD in geosimulation. Before joining the University of Surrey in October 2012, he worked as a consultant at the Research Institute for Knowledge Systems in the Netherlands and held research positions at the Universities of Maastricht, Eindhoven and Cambridge.

Alex lead the development of the Map Comparison Kit from 2003-2009.


Dr. Alex Hagen-Zanker
Reader, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences

University of Surrey
United Kingdom